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Check out the latest designs and styles in pants and capris.




Butterfly Cropped Pants

I used a olive green hemp to make these pants.
I added two lined pockets to the sides. I embroidered a butterfly onto the front
of the pants using a blue/green thread. I wasistband of the pants are made from a knit. There is no drawstring or, buttons, or zippers. The knit simply stretches slightly around the hips :)


                     Hip: 43 inches and under
                     Length: 29 inches








Plaid Bird Pants
I used a cotton plaid fabric for these pants. The main color is a tan, with blue, orange, brown pattern. The pantns have a four button sailor time closure, and a drawstring.
On the front panel I did a bird and branch embroidery.
               waist: 35 inches max.
               Length: 38 inches unhemmed
$75 ~Sold


Snowy Mountain Pants
i used a really fine wale green corduroy as the main fabric for these pants. The bottom of the pants are done in a mountain applique. For the sky I used  a purple sunset handpainted fabric. The mountains are done in various shades of purple batiks. For the snow I used a cream batik.
                     waist: 39" completly open
                     Length: 36"


Butterfly Wrap Capris
I used a brown linen to make these pants. The pants have elastic incased along the back waist line, and the pants close with four wood buttons.
I added two lined side open pockets to the front of the pants.
The butterfly embroidery is done using brown, teal, peach, light and dark green threads.
    waist: 31-39 inches
    Length: 25" can be hemmed 2 inches
~$50~ Sold

Fern Wrap Carpis
I used a gray linen as the main fabric for thise pants. The waist line has incased elastic in the back and closes with four gray shell buttons.
The bottom hem of the poants has a muliticolor green handpainted fern fabric.
                        waist: 27-35 inches
                        Length: 23 inches
$50 ~On Sale $40 On Hold

Sailor Leaf Capris
I used a brown linen as the main fabric for these capris. The waist line has a four button sailor pant type opening
and a drawstring. I added a double vine and leaf applique to the waist line of the pants. I used a light brown linen for the vines, and a multicolor batik, dark teal batik and a light brown linen for the leaves.
                         waist: 38 inches max.
                         Length: 26 inches
$50 ~sold~





Australian Cord Pants

Random Patchwork Pants
$90~ Sold

Corduroy Tree Pants$80~  Sold

 Seminole Pants $70  Sold







Mushroom Capri Pants



                     Hemp Capri Set~$90 Sold



                 Hemp Capri Pants~$70 Sold

            Hemp Cargo Pants~$80 Sold

Stealie Corduroy Pants~$75 sold

Fall Cord Pants ~$75 Sold

Brown Cord Pants ~$70 Sold